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Product Description

This universal size nose-shaped wooden spectacle stand is a perfect holder for your pair of eyeglasses. It is ideal for holding any size of eyeglasses and is suitable for both men and women. This product is entirely hand-crafted using simple traditional tools and wood-crafting techniques, which has been passed down to artisans well over hundreds and thousands of generations.

Keeping your eyeglasses on the slab of your bathroom may cause it to come directly in contact with water and incur damage. But, this wooden spectacle stand will keep your specs in good state.

At SNAANA, we offer our products that are of great beauty, quality, utility and eco-friendly as well.

Product Features

Aesthetic Design: This wooden eyeglass holder is a finely carved sculpture that not only has a practical use, but also adds a unique style to your home or office décor. It also makes a stylish and practical gift for your beloved family, relatives, friends or neighbours.

Sturdy and Durable Wood: The wood used in making this eyeglass holder is Sheesham (or rosewood), which is of high quality and offers promising durability. It cannot be easily broken, even if accidentally dropped.

Non-Synthetic and Non-Toxic: This spectacle stand is made of pure natural wood. No plastic, toxic or any form of synthetic materials or compounds are used in the making of this product. We produce natural products only and encourage ourselves and everyone to keep our ecosystem clean and healthy.

Portable: The product being light weight makes it easy to carry when travelling. It can easily fit in a backpack, hand-bag and in your luggage. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your spectacles as you will have your eyeglasses always at sight. This wooden spectacle stand is the perfect accessory for your night stand, dresser in the bedroom or wherever you wish to place it.

Dimensions: Length = 6.5 centimetres x Width = 6.35 centimetres x Height =16 centimetres approx.



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