Formulated with Natural Ingredients

We have unraveled the secrets to get a healthy skin with an all-natural glow. The absolutely unique and choicest blends made only from natural ingredients will create a new routine for the care of your skin. This milestone is a result of dedicated research to understand and apply in the use of herbal ingredients, and follow generations-old formulae to obtain a chemical-free skin care regime.

Categorically speaking, we have used Goat Milk in our soaps. Its natural emollient properties soothe dry skin and keep it nourished. This ideal constituent requires no preservative to protect the product from microbial growth; Goat Milk when added to NaOH* turns milk into saponified oil, and its water content gets evaporated during the drying process.

Likewise, we have developed Talc-free powders, made exclusively from herbs & oils. Similarly, our balms include botanical natural ingredients, requiring no utility of paraffin wax or chemical stabilisers. Even our oils and all other products promise to be 100% chemical-free, healthy, pure and effective.