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Fennel or say saunf in hindi is a rich flavor aromatic herb used in Indian homes as mouth freshener after the meal for centuries. Its packed with vital nutrients like that benefit the human health as appetizer, digestive aid and a trisdoshic herb. It is neutral in nature & has nutty sweet cool taste often used in sauces, soups, and pickle recipes.
SNAANA prepares Organic Fennel water -Ark through traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent - therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume & carry. This steam distilled Fennel water is 100% chemical & preservative free.

Fennel water benefits the human body & skin. Know the right usage.

  • It helps provide mental clarity, stimulate the nervous system and relieve anxiety and depression. Essential vitals like Vitamin C & Quercetin help reduce inflammation and reduce aging related memory deficit
  • It promotes digestion and balances the stomach acids. This helps treat colic, acid reflux and other digestive disorders.
  • It is helpful in urinary disorders as it helps flush the toxins from the urinary tract and reduce swelling/inflammation and pain
  • Galactagogue in nature – Increases the milk production hence help produce breast milk
  • Ease menopausal symptoms – calm hot flashes, sleep disturbance and related symptoms
  • Heart health & cancer – The rich phyto nutrients may help in keeping good heart health & fighting the cancer
  • Highly Nutritious – provide important nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese
  • Fennel may help treat both dry and wet cough and provide relief from irritation and swelling in lungs. Its gargles can help ease sore throats and improve voice.
  • It can be a helpful ingredient to calm morning sickness- nausea related.

Fennel benefits the skin & hair

  • Super effective toner for dry & intense dry skin condition
  • Help work on age spots, wrinkles and other concerns like pigmentation
  • The fennel water improves the hydration in skin making it stay moisturized for day long.
  • Works to treat scalp and hair concerns like dandruff, hair fall etc.

Use Fennel water-Ark as Tea Drops

Add about 1-2 teaspoon or 10 -15 drops to a cup of warm/cool water or drink. And enjoy the nutrient rich healthy tea. Fennel water is a water soluble nutrient rich water of Fennel bulb. This simple, quick and convenient way of making tea helps stick to the regular routine of drinking fennel tea at home and while you are on a trip.


Steam distilled water of Fennel/ saunf only.

Making of Fennel/Saunf water – ark at SNAANA

It takes a handful of Fennels bulbs to produce a few drop of its water. Purely an ancient technique called steam distillation is practiced to ensure zero chemicals and zero preservatives are used. Pure steam distilled water is best preferred to eat and apply for the desired benefits.


Use it to make Fennel green tea.

Use it as medicine same dosage as mentioned in green tea 3-4 times a day. Use it regularly/religiously depending upon the need to seek relief.

Use it as an ingredient in your face toner and use on skin after a proper cleanse every morning and evening to fill the skin pores. This helps in tightening the skin pores making skin firm. Fennel is best suitable for dry & intense dry skin, fungal/bacterial skin concerns.

Care for the Product

Use the product within 2 months of opening the pack. Use it regular to feel the benefits of using the Fennel water.
Apart from the amber color mist bottle – keep other sized bottles in the refrigerator. Always close the lid tight immediately after use as the product is 100% free from chemicals and preservatives hence proper care is needed


Please do not use the product if you are allergic to Fennel. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch/intake test before using it as a regular product.


What are the nutritional benefits of fennel?

Fennel intake can bring in good health in terms of better immunity mechanism, healthy metabolism and digestive system, reduced inflammation, controlled blood pressure, strengthened bone structure. The herb is added to soups and pickles as a flavour and used as mouth freshener.

Is fennel tea actually good for bloating?

Yes, fennel support quick and healthy digestion of the food. It reduces the stuffed feeling and pain associated with bloating. Fennel is traditionally being used as a herb after the meal to assist digestion.

What is a substitute for fennel?

Every herb on earth carries a unique set of nutrient profile hence finding a close substitute for the herb is difficult. Fennel aids digestion hence herbs like Carom/anise in combination with coriander or peppermint may work to provide the same relief.

Does drinking fennel seed water help in weight loss?

Yes, fennel water acts as appetite suppressant for the time being. This feeling helps restraint over eating thus helping the body avoid unnecessary calorie intake.

Is Fennel good for diabetes?

Fennel is good to consume for people suffering diabetes type 2 as it’s taste curb the desire to eat beyond. This support in lowering the blood sugar in the body.

Fennel or say saunf in Hindi is a rich flavor aromatic herb used in Indian homes as a mouth freshener after the meal for centuries. It's packed with vital nutrients that benefit human health as appetizer, digestive aid, and a trisdoshic herb. It is neutral in nature & has a nutty sweet cool taste often used in sauces, soups, and pickle recipes.
SNAANA prepares Organic Fennel water -Ark through the traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent - therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume & carry. This steam-distilled Fennel water is 100% chemical & preservative free.


Rita - 16/07/2020

Very good quality.. I like it

Faizal - 07/07/2020

Highly recommended to those with dry skin or stress problems.

Atul - 06/07/2020

This helps me a lot with sleeping at night i consume it at night after dinner and it makes me feel relaxed.

Ekta - 18/06/2020

I love the product very much also the glass bottle it comes in..

Priya - 11/06/2020

Excellent for my dry skin.. Especially in winters.

Alpana - 10/06/2020

Very beneficial when used for dry skin.

Diwakar - 22/05/2020

I and my wife consume it every day in our tea and it's very helpful makes us feel stress-free after a long day of work.

Rajesh - 19/05/2020

I have been using this for a while now its a great product to keep your stomach and digestive system healthy!

Bhoomika - 13/05/2020

I like the taste of a few drops of fennel hydrosol in my green tea. It is very beneficial and cures digestive problems.

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