Steam Distilled Hydrosol /Ark of Curry Leaf

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The highly aromatic Indian plant curry leaf is used both for medicinal & culinary use. Cury leaf contains unique flavor popularly used in curries, rice dishes and dals in India. The herb contain powerful plant compound that offer multiple health benefits to our body, skin & hair.
Curry leaf in hindi is called kadi patta and in ayurveda it is known as kaidarya. It is grown in many parts of India.
SNAANA organically prepare Curry leaf water -Ark through the traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent - therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume/apply & carry.
This steam-distilled Curry leaf water is 100% chemical & preservative free.

Curry leaf water benefits the Skin.

  • Helps in digestion - Curry leaf maintain pitta levels in body and help in better digestion
  • Improve immunity – Antioxidant rich curry leaf reduce the oxidative stress in the body & help fight free radicals / cell damage. This helps prevent disease and bring good health.
  • Healthy eye sight – Vitamins rich curry leaf is good to protect eye and eyesight.
  • Balance blood sugar – It possesses anti diabetic properties and help balance blood sugar levels and insulin in the body especially for diabetes type II.
  • Beat anemia and increase hemoglobin – Curry leaf intake helps increase the ability of the body to absorb iron and help overcome anemia condition in the body.
  • Reduce itch & swelling – Calm and reduce the itch on skin/scalp with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits the skin & hair

  • Super skin toner for all skin types
  • Helpful in treating acne- pimples, bruises, burns, rashes and insect bites
  • Help shrink the skin pores and improve the texture and appearance
  • Right regular usage help Improve the hydration in skin
  • Promote hair growth & prevent hair graying – Curry leaf topical use on scalp & hair and its intake in food helps prevent hair graying. The herb rich powerful compounds promote hair growth and strengthen the hair roots.

Use Curry leaf water-Ark as Tea Drops

Add about 1-2 teaspoons or 10 -15 drops to a cup of warm/cool water or drink. And enjoy the nutrient-rich healthy tea. Curry leaf water is water-soluble nutrient-rich water of Curry leaf. This simple, quick, and convenient way of making tea help stick to the regular routine of drinking Curry leaf tea at home and while you are on a trip.


The steam distilled water of Curry leaf only.

Making of Curry leaf water – ark at SNAANA

It takes a handful of curry leaf to produce a few drops of its water. Purely an ancient technique called steam distillation is practiced to ensure zero chemicals and zero preservatives are used. Pure steam distilled water is best preferred to eat and apply for the desired benefits.


Use it to make Curry leaf green tea.
Use it as medicine the same dosage as mentioned in green tea 3-4 times a day. Use it regularly/religiously depending upon the need to seek relief.
Use it as an ingredient in your face toner and use it on the skin after a proper cleanse every morning and evening to fill the skin pores. This helps in tightening the skin pores making the skin firm. Curry leaf is best suitable for all skin types including oily and dry, inflamed/bacterial skin concerns.

Care for the Product

Use the product within 2 months of opening the pack. Use it regularly to feel the benefits of using Curry leaf water
Apart from the amber color mist bottle – keep other sized bottles in the refrigerator. Always close the lid tight immediately after use as the product is 100% free from chemicals and preservatives hence proper care is needed.


Please do not use the product if you are allergic to Curry leaf. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch/intake test before using it as a regular product.


SNAANA organically prepare Curry leaf water -Ark through the traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent - therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume/apply & carry.
This steam-distilled Curry leaf water is 100% chemical & preservative free.


Amit - 08/09/2020

I use it as an immunity booster for me and my family. Consume a few drops before going to bed.

Khushi - 08/09/2020

Great product for hair care .. Helped with my hairfall problem.

Shikha Pundir - 11/08/2020

This makes an incredible skin toner. Suits my skin very well.

Sonam - 04/08/2020

The product arrived in perfect condition and before time.. Smells good too . Thanks

Anshul Rawat - 29/07/2020

Ever since i started using this product for my hair they feel so soft and my hairfall is even less than before

Rachit Sharma - 07/07/2020

Undoubtedly, a great product. Useful for multiple purposes..

Ramya - 10/06/2020

I absolutely love snaana, great product, on-time delivery amazing packging.

Bhuvan - 16/04/2020

I would recommend this product to anyone with digestive problems. This is great just one cup of green tea with a few drops of curry leaf hydrosol does wonders.

Anjali - 15/04/2020

Thanks for the great product. I generally don't write reviews but i am really impressed with how useful this product is for hairfall problems.

Anju Kalia - 14/01/2020

My sister gifted this to me because of my hairfall issue and after using this for only 2 months my scalp feels a lot more healthier.

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That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

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