Steam Distilled Hydrosol /Ark of Clove leaf

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clove leaf

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Clove Leaf Hydrosol
is an organic and 100% pure clove mouth refresher. It is a great alternative to listerines, since listerines contain all kinds of chemical compounds and are not an ideal mouth care solution. Clove buds, stems and its leaves have a long history in traditional medicine, such as for being beneficial in countering bad breath and teeth plague.

Botanical Name: Eugenia ‘Caryophyllata’ Aromatica Hindi Name: Laung

How clove leaf hydrosol mouth spray is prepared?

At SNAANA, we steam distil the hydrosol in-house. The organic steam distilled water of clove plant’s stems, buds and leaves, also known as herbal water or aromatic water, is rich in nutrients and very effective. It is produced through steam distillation method, which is similar to Earth’s natural rain process. Distillation process removes impurities, bacteria and other contaminants, and, therefore, no preservatives are required. The hydrosol of clove leaf is prepared by passing the steam through the fresh clove leaves, where the steam carries the water soluble nutrients with it and rises up. On rising up, it comes in contact with a condenser, where steam turns into water droplets. The droplets are collected in a glass beaker as hydrosol. Since, it is steam distilled, so it is completely free from debris, bacteria and any other kind of contamination or preservatives.

Clove is an ancient herbal plant that is used in phyto–therapy. It is known to be effective in treating and preventing oral/dental problems such as bad breath, toothache, gum problems as well as plague in mouth.

Clove Hydrosol Benefits

Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray from SNAANA is a natural product that offers a plethora of benefits and is a complete mouth care solution for you and your family. Clove is used in traditional medicine to promote dental and mouth care, which has been adopted since ancient times. It contains analgesic, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

Treats Bad Breath: Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray is an organic refresher that helps fight bad breath. Whether it’s your early morning wakeup call, or you just enjoyed a delicious meal, easily get rid of those nasty onion smell from your mouth with Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray and feel fresh again.

Relieves Toothache: Toothaches are painful for both young and old. Thus, Clove Leaf Hydrosol, when sprayed on the teeth and gums, gives instant relief, while also preventing your teeth from decay and bacterial plague.

Beneficial for Sore Throat: Since, Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray contains various soothing properties, its use is also beneficial for treating sore throat.

How to use clove leaf hydrosol mouth spray?

After Meals: Spray a single shot in mouth after each meal, then gargle with water. Regular use of Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray after meals keeps your mouth fresh from odour, prevents gum problems, toothache as well as minimises plague in mouth and teeth.

After Meals: Spray a single shot in mouth after each meal, then gargle with water. Regular use of Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray after meals keeps your mouth fresh from odour, prevents gum problems, toothache as well as minimises plague in mouth and teeth.

Sore Throat: If you are having sore throat, this Clove Leaf Hydrosol mouth spray can do magic as it has natural healing and anti-bacterial properties. Simply spray a shot in mouth and gargle with lukewarm water. Do this 2-3 times daily and it will help soothe sore throat problems.

Precautions in Using Clove Hydrosol/Ark

  • Keep the spray bottle air-tight to avoid oxidation and store in a dry place. Also, keep the bottle away from direct sunlight.
  • Can be swallowed. Should only be sprayed as mouth refresher to counter bad breath and dental plague.
  • Can be used to rinse children’s mouth and for this take 2 tablespoon luke warm water and add 2 sprays of clove leaf water. Ash the child to rinse & gargle and spit out the water. This when followed after before bed every night provides a healthy dental hygiene to children keeping away the cavities.
  • Better storage conditions may extend its shelf life.



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