Steam Distilled Hydrosol /Ark of Sweet Lime

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Product Description

Hindi Name- Mausambi, Mosambi
Botanical Name – Citrus Limetta

How to use

Consume (Internally), Apply (topically), In hale (aromatically)

How is it made

The hydrosol of Sweet lime is prepared by passing the steam through the fresh sweet lime peels where in the steam carries the water soluble nutrients of the peel with it and rises up. On rising up it comes in contact with a condenser (cooling effect) where steam turns into water droplets. The droplet collected in a glass beaker is hydrosol. It works similar to our natural rain process. Since it is steam distilled so it is completely free from debris, bacteria and any other kind of contamination giving it a shelf life of minimum 1 year without preservatives. All that’s needed is to store in a glass container that too air tight to avoid oxidation and keep it in a cool, dark place. A best storage condition gives the benefit of extended shelf life.

Sweet lime hydrosol is full of water soluble nutrients that are present in fresh peel. All that is left behind is matter.


  • Highly recuperative in nature – It helps patients in better recovery after a disease. 1-2 tablespoon a day to drink in between the meals improves the appetite. Misting on face and hands gives a refreshing feel with a sweet citrus aroma that immediately uplifts the senses and giving the feel of energetic.
  • Counters Acne – Dries the acne and tones the oily, acne-prone skin. Rich in vitamin C heals and lightens the blemishes.
  • Its aromatic property calms the minds and treats insomnia.
  • Gargle with this helps overcome bad breathe and ulcers, pain and swelling in mouth.
  • Mist on scalp to strengthen the roots and balances oil production.
  • Originated in India, alkaline in nature, the hydrosol is bitter in taste. An amazing summer beat drink can be made by adding Himalayan pink salt, Soda and little sugar to it. You can add 2-3 table spoon to your iced tea for a vitamin C rich drink.
  • A strong anti-nauseant/ anti- emetic herb. Treat nausea by adding a tea spoon of each of sweet lime, ginger and peppermint. Mix and drink whenever feel nauseated.
  • Widely used in skin care as it boost skin health making it even, clear and radiant.

At SNAANA we steam distil the hydrosol in house. For any further information please call us at 84-88-88-88-15 or inbox at

Excessive intake may cause acidity.



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