Soap Deck with Tray Sheesham

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Soap Deck With Tray Sheesham

SNAANA’s Soap Deck with Tray Sheesham is a hand-crafted wooden holder, not only for soap, but sponge and scrubber as well. It comes with an attachable tray and bottom deck that doesn’t require large space in your bathroom. It can be easily kept anywhere (plain surface). This excellent and durable soap deck and tray is made from Sheesham wood, which is also popularly known as rosewood (Dalbergia Sissoo). This deciduous tree bears strong and sturdy wood has the ability to last longer and cannot be damaged easily.

SNAANA believes in using only organic and natural products, while keeping our products eco-friendly, too. Therefore, no plastic or synthetic materials are used in its production. The soap tray and deck is pure wood, well-designed having curved rows and is given an elegant and smooth finish. The curved rows in the middle section of the soap tray offers better grip and prevents soap from slipping or sliding away when wet. The tray is carved to allow water to escape easily so that the soap doesn’t melt quickly and last much longer.

Product Features

Soap Tray SIZE: 5.2cm X4.8 cm X 1.8 cm

NATURAL: Soap Tray SIZE: 5.2cm X4.8 cm X 1.8 cm

ECONOMICAL: The curvy design of the tray helps keep soap clean and dry. So, no more soft, mushy soap.

SAFE and NON-TOXIC: The soap holder with tray and deck is coated with a non-toxic finish, which is a perfect alternative to polyurethane. This means that there is no allergens to trigger sensitivities that you or your family may have.

DESIGN: The soap deck and tray will fit in with any decor in any room of your home. It is also ideal as a gift for the most discerning of friends, family or relatives.



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