Sheesham Shaving Set with Horse Hair

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Sheesham Shaving Set With Horse Hair

Give your regular shaving needs a whole new experience with SNAANA’s Sheesham Shaving Set with Horse Hair. This product kit comes with a shaving brush made from 100% pure and natural shed horse hair (fine trimmed) firmly bonded into handcrafted and perfectly polished wooden handle for best grip. Included in the kit is a soap with soap-case which can be easily placed on the deck along with the shaving brush. It doesn’t require much space – it can be kept anywhere as desired.

The wood used in the shaving brush handle, soap case, brush holder and bottom deck is obtained from the deciduous tree called ‘Dalbergia Sissoo’, or rosewood tree as known in India.


EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE: The pure horse hair shaving brush is incredibly soft. The soap provided in the kit creates a perfectly rich lather – soft enough to feel smooth on your skin. The densely filled brush head is ideal for holding and distributing lather, opens pores, brings sufficient water to the skin and gently exfoliates, giving you a closer shave and a smoother feel afterwards.

QUICK LATHER GENERATION: Gently exfoliates the facial skin. Brings water into the face for that perfect, true wet shave. Helps you apply shaving foam faster. It also makes it incredibly easy to rinse after shave. This pure horse hair shaving brush can whip up a thick, foamy lather that covers your facial beard area completely.

PERFECT COMFORT EXPERIENCE and DURABLE PRODUCT: This shaving brush, which is made from naturally shed horse hair and an insulator wooden handle provides durability and an unforgettable experience. Bristle loss is minimal and it can last for years, if well-maintained.


Soak the brush in water for a few minutes before use. Clean the brush after use and hang it on the holder.



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