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Best shaving brush that works up a good lather and add luxury to daily wet shaving routine. Handmade with shed horse hair and Sheesham wood to give you a perfect feel of traditional shaving ritual.

The horse hair bristles are soft and flexible and a great option for those who have been using badger or boar hair brushes. Badger hair bristles are very soft and boar bristles are stiff while horse hair bristles are a mix of soft and rigid bristles that makes it very popular among people in many countries.

Benefits of horse hair shaving brush

  • Perfect bristles to lubricate the face and create thick lather for a smooth shave
  • Horse hair bristles is string hence exfoliates the skin beneath the facial hair
  • Cruelty free – An animal is not killed for the hair. These are natural hair clippings. Do we kill sheep for the wool
  • Handmade with wood handle
  • Environment friendly and promotes handicraft industries


Soak the brush in normal to warm water, flick the extra water and whisk the brush onto the shaving soap. Use the brush in the circular motion over your entire beard and neck area to lift the facial hair and exfoliate the skin.

After shaving, rinse the brush, clean the and hang it for proper dry.

Care for the product

Handmade items need care unlike the plastic and synthetic made items.

Do not let the brush sit in a pool of water. Place it in a dry place.

Always place the brush in bristles upside-down position after use so that moisture evaporates and water does not soak into the base of the knot. For this you can buy the best handmade shaving set with stand, goat milk soap and shaving brush.

Once in a few days you can apply 1-2 drops of oil to the dried wooden handle to rejuvenate its look, feel and life.

The brush is as shown in the image but may vary slightly as it is handmade. Small knots in the wood are not the defect but natural wood knots.



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