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SNAANA’s pure & unrefined Cucumber Seed Oil is made from whole organic clean and dried cucumber seeds and can be used as a natural moisturiser for skin and hair. 100 per cent Pure cucumber seed oil is rich in vitamins B and C, minerals and essential fatty acid, making it highly beneficial for treating commonly occurring hair and skin problems. It is a non-volatile oil that is high in linoleic acid, oleic acid and phytosterols. Phytosterols help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier thus, restoring proper moisture balance, smoothing the skin's surface and improving skin elasticity. Phytosterols are also known for their ability to nourish and stimulate the skin cells to encourage regeneration of healthy skin cells

The oil is cold-pressed from the dried seeds of cucumber. Cold pressing assures that the oil’s nutrients and the antioxidants remain undamaged. It has an anthelmintic, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-dandruff, antidote, anti-hyperlipidaemic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, anti-stress, anti-ulcer, demulcent, diuretic, febrifuge, laxative, purgative and vermifuge therapeutic properties.

Cucumber Seed Oil can be consumed, such as making salad dressings and mayonnaise or sprinkling on cucumber salad.

Cucumber seed oil is cool in nature with sweet & astringent in taste. The seeds used in cold pressing are present inside the fruit.


SNAANA’s pure Cucumber Seed Oil (cooling oil) is used to treat skin conditions, bacterial infections, respiratory infections, digestive tract problems, inflammation, oedema, fever, constipation, arthritis, gout, obesity, hair loss and diabetes. Using the oil can lead to the accelerated healing of blemishes, pimples, and boils as well.

Cucumber Seed Oil is very light with the fatty acid composition that helps in keeping the skin fresh, soft and moisturised. The oil is absorbed quickly by the skin and it spreads well without leaving a sticky feeling in the skin.

Other benefits of Cucumber Seed Oil are listed as under:

  • Moisturises skin.
  • Hydrates hair.
  • Ideal for inflamed skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and plump appearance in the skin.
  • Helps soften cuticles, calluses and heels.
  • Can treat stretch marks.
  • Helps improve the appearance of scars and burns.

Directions for using SNAANA's Cucumber Seed Oil

Skin: Moisturise once or twice daily with SNAANA’s pure Cucumber Seed Oil to improve skin’s elasticity, appearance and overall health. Also, it helps reduce free radical damage because of its high antioxidants that naturally scavenge free radicals which get accumulated throughout the day.

Hair: Gently massage your scalp with SNAANA’s pure Cucumber Seed Oil at least one or two hours before washing your hair. It not only helps get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff, but its regular use can also help prevent hair loss as well.

Body: Cucumber Seed Oil is also helpful in treating sunburn. Gently apply the oil to the sunburned areas of your skin. Its phytosterols and fatty acids can help repair the skin’s lipid barrier. It will also provide quick, cooling relief.

Massage with a few drops of Cucumber Seed Oil on the chest, neck and shoulders to help lower your blood pressure.

Cucumber Seed Oil can help reduce inflammation. Apply the oil on the inflamed areas of your body to get immediate relief. The oil has a nutty aroma.

People who often experience gout, which is a painful inflammation of the big toe and foot caused by defects in uric acid metabolism resulting in deposits of the acid and its salt in the blood and joints, can treat it with SNAANA’s Cucumber Seed Oil. Gently massage the foot and toe with the oil for a few minutes daily. The analgesic and anaesthetic properties will quickly alleviate pain, while the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil will reduce inflammation and fluids that get accumulated in the joints.

The cucumber seed oil has been proven to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. You can take 1 drop of cucumber seed oil orally each day for this benefit.

Storage: At SNAANA we do not use any chemicals or preservative to provide extended shelf life to the product, hence it is best to use within a year since cold-pressed. For the best health of the oil – it should be stored in cool temperatures and prevent prolonged exposure to air to avoid oxidation.


It is suitable for all skin types. Do a patch test when using the product for the first time. Always apply on moist face/hand & feet/ body for the best-desired results.

Do not cook with cold-pressed cucumber seed oil as it has a low smoke point. Add it to your cooked or raw recipes ready to eat. Do not eat/apply the oil if you are allergic to cucumbers.


Does cucumber seed oil clog pores?

Cucumber seed do not clog the pores. It is suitable to apply on a normal to oily skin as a moisturizer on a clean moist skin. People with excess greasiness may sometimes do not find it as a good moisturizer. Every skin is unique hence a try is must to figure out how it works for you. Although it is rated 1 on the scale of 0-5 comedogenic rating by experts.

How do you use cucumber oil on your face?

Clean the face thoroughly. Take 1-2 drops of cucumber seed oil and apply it on moist face. Best used at bedtime.

How do you extract cucumber oil at SNAANA?

Cucumber seed oil is made through cold pressing of dried cucumber seeds. The seeds are pressed between the two heavy metal blades which expel the oil from the seed. Cold pressing is the ancient technique and is the best till date as it retains the nutrition, flavour and aroma in the oil.

Is this oil FSSAI approved?

Yes, cucumber seed oil is FSSAI approved.

What is the shelf life of SNAANA's Cucumber Seed Oil?

Cucumber seed oil is good to use by a year since cold pressed.

Is this glass bottle?

Yes SNAANA cucumber seed oil is bottled and packed in a glass bottle.


Deepa Mittal - 07/10/2020

Helps to make skin soft. Highly recommended.

Yogesh - 25/09/2020

Great , High Quality Oil. I read the reviews and decided to try it out and i am not disappointed.

Shrishti Chaudhary - 20/08/2020

Works like a charm it took only a week of using oil and i can see my wrinkles reducing

Vikram Negi - 13/08/2020

I absolutely love this amazing oil, easily absorbed by the skin and smeels good!

Shipra - 10/08/2020

High quality product by snaana. Easily absorbed by the skin and smells good too.

Seema - 04/08/2020

I have tried many other brands of cucumber seed oil and this one seems to be the best when it comes to cost and purity as compared to others.

Rao Faisal - 03/08/2020

Pure and organic, the best quality available in India

Megha Dhyani - 03/08/2020

It has a strong scent of cucumber which is due to its purity.. I would definitely order again

Sandeep Chaudhary - 22/07/2020

It's a great product for people with problem of dry skin in winters, I have been using this product and it works like a charm.

Shivika - 13/07/2020

I use this oil regularly for my hair and my hair are smooth and shiny

Jitender - 09/07/2020

Works like magic i could see the result on my skin within 2 days.!

Sheena - 06/07/2020

Its really pure you can just tell it by smelling it smells like fresh cucumbers! been using it for 2 months now and the results are clearly visible on the skin.

Rishabh Vashistha - 16/06/2020

This oil is great for anti aeging, i have tried many other oils but cucumber seed oil is the best it is non sticky and easily absorbed by the skin

Sakshi Joshi - 03/06/2020

I would give it 5 stars as the product is really effective and pure but it is a little expensive for me but totally worth it.

Anjali Rana - 02/06/2020

Very beneifitial for hair and dandruff problems, shampoos couldn't solve my dandruff problem that i had for years but just 2 weeks after using this oil my dandruff is gone and i will now continue to use this.

Sahil - 02/06/2020

Nice product.. I love it would recommend it to others to try

Rajeev Tyagi - 21/05/2020

Its a good product for babies, I use it to massage my 4 year old and his skin is healthy.

Ritvik - 18/05/2020

the best quality product always recommended

Reply from SNAANA
Thanks for five stars!

Riya - 12/05/2020

Great product! Worked wonders form my dry hair problem.

Ela Arun - 11/05/2020

i have been using this oil as a moisturizer for skin and face.. and works well

Rohan Bakshi - 15/04/2020

Another amazing product by Snaana. I use this product regularly.

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SNAANA wants to drag your attention to the fact that we are still living in a legal framework that was adopted in British times and has not been amended at the pace synthetics/chemicals have come into use in skin care. Import, manufacture, distribution and sale of skin care/ beauty products are regulated by Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and this law till date has not given a definite and uniform definition for usage of words on labels like natural and organic which is big-time responsible for misleading the consumers.

That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

Let's stand united and bring this revolution TOGETHER.