For all Skin Types

Your lust for a beautiful and make-up free look is no more a myth! Snaana brings you a range of skin and body care products made only from natural ingredients. These handcrafted products are so pure that they rejuvenate your skin, minimizing the requirement for cosmetic skin correctors and concealers.

Our products will be your best buys as skin-care essentials for all skin types. Every category will cater to different skin conditions, from dry to oily and normal skin. The wholesome constituents have hydrating and moisturising properties to soothe your skin type. Cold-pressed method ensures that the vital nutrients of the herbs are retained in the final product without using any preservatives.

If you think these products require intensive care and maintenance, then lean back and relax! They are very easy to use and store. Just read the label on the cover of the product and follow what it says.