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Product Description

SNAANA’s Black Mustard Oil (Sarso oil) is pure oil that is obtained from organic black mustard seeds through the cold-pressed method and is 100% free of chemicals. No preservatives, trans fats, color, or flavor are used in the processing.

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is also known in Ayurvedic medicine as a poultice for chest congestion and massage. Although cold pressed mustard oil is predominant in India for its use in cooking, this natural oil also poses other qualities that make a fine herbal solution for hair and skincare. Black Mustard oil is popularly known as ‘Sarson Ka Tel’ in India. 

This cold pressed mustard oil is rich in anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids Omega-6 fatty acids and contains various key nutrients such as monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, and iron that makes it a multi-purpose oil.

Ingredient - Cold Pressed Black Mustard 

Mustard oil benefits -

Contains Anti-bacterial Properties: The glucosinolates and anti-bacterial agents in Mustard oil restrict the growth of unwanted bacteria and microbes. Externally, it may be able to treat both bacterial and fungal infections when applied directly to the skin.

Fights Fungal Diseases: Mustard oil is very effective and powerful when it comes to fighting fungal diseases. It can treat skin rashes and infections caused by fungi.

Mustard oil benefits for Hair

Hair Growth and Shine: Cold Pressed Mustard Oil makes hair strong, healthy, prevent hair loss, and boosts hair growth. When applied to the scalp, this vitamin E rich oil promotes blood circulation. The Omega-3 fatty acids in mustard oil make hair grow fast, long, strong, and shiny.

Mustard oil for skin

Skin Health: Sarso oil makes helps improve and maintain healthy and beautiful skin. An excess amount of vitamin E inside Mustard oil nourishes the skin and helps in reducing wrinkles, skin infections, rashes, skin allergies, and dryness.

Inflammation, Joint Pain, and Aches: This oil has its widespread use as an effective body massage oil, which improves blood circulation, skin texture, and releases muscular tension. In fact, the practice of using mustard oil for body massage has been in existence since ancient times in the Indian sub-continent.

Joint Stiffness: The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the Mustard oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for relieving joint stiffness caused by arthritis.

Cardiovascular Health: The good fats in cold-pressed Mustard Oil boosts cardiac health by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

Asthma and Breathing Problems: Mustard oil helps in curing asthma and breathing problems both in children and adults.

Other Benefits:
  • Helps fight harmful bacteria.
  • Decreases inflammation.
  • Relieves body pain.
  • Treats arthritis.

Mustard oil for Cooking

As per the research report that appeared in the Journal of dairying foods & home sciences talked about the Medicinal Qualities of Mustard Oil and Its Role in Human Health against Chronic Diseases. The review suggests that Mustard oil composition is based on our body requirement. Mustard oil intake as cooking oil can help the human body in different ways like -

1.  Stimulant – Helps in the formation of digestive juices and help excrete the waste from the body. It is a way for our healthy digestive functioning.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer & maintains normal body temperature – Phyto-nutrients present in oil like glucosinolate serve as antibiotic, fungicidal, and anti-carcinogenic which reduce the effect of chronic diseases in the body.

 3. Good for heart health and reduces diabetes hazards - As it contains No Trans fat. It is healthier than Olive oil. Rather it is one of the best oils for human consumption.

4. Appetizer – It stimulates the formation of digestive juices that creates the feeling of hunger.

5. Therapeutic – The optimum composition of the oil is based on our body requirement, hence is highly therapeutic for us.

6. Preservative – High Vitamin E acts as a preservative against oxidative rancidity of the oil. Controls fungal growth as well. And therefore has been in use since ancient times in the making of pickles & chutneys.  

7. Best Frying oil – Tolerate high temperature.

8. Economical – The seeds are grown in different Indian states and hence are not expensive as compared to some of the cooking oils.

9. Highly nutritious - The high nutritive value and safe – favourable fat composition makes it healthy cooking oil. It contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium, Vitamin E, A & C, zinc, protein, etc.

 mustard oil Nutrients values

How to use SNAANA's Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Hair: Take a few drops of cold-pressed Mustard oil and apply it on the scalp. Massage for 10-15 minutes before washing or showering. Do this once daily for a few days in order to get the best results.

Skin: When applying on your skin or body, take a tablespoon of Mustard oil and apply it on the affected area. Repeat this for a few days.

Body Massage: Take 3-4 drops of cold-pressed Mustard oil and apply on the body once daily. Massage for 15-30 minutes. Mustard oil can be great for the circulation of blood to the skin when used for massage, while it is most effective when this oil is used by warming in low heat before its application on skin and body.

In treating asthma and breathing problems, you may use a tablespoon of cold-pressed Mustard oil and rub on the chest of children and adults.

Cooking Oil – Black mustard is mild, less pungent in flavor as compared to black mustard oil. It's been used in the kitchen for centuries and comes with a bevvy of health benefits. You can order Black mustard oil in different pack sizes available with us. For quantities more than 1 kg, please contact us through phone/email.

Making of Pure Mustard oil at SNAANA


Always store the oil in a cool and dry place. The oil is good to use for more than a year from the date of cold pressing.


We suggest not using cold pressed mustard oil for face application. Oily, acne-pimple prone skin individuals should avoid applying mustard oil on body areas too to avoid possible acne-pimple eruptions.

Always do a patch test before using the product on a regular basis.


Can this mustard be oil used for cooking?

Yes, it is a cold pressed mustard oil meant for cooking. In other words unrefined, cold pressed oil is the best edible oil that can be used in cooking plus application on skin.

Is mustard oil good for massage?

Since ancient times people have been using mustard oil both as a cooking oil and massage oil. There are many remedies to treat various human disorders where mustard oil is a essential ingredient. A body massage with mustard oil warms the body and eases the muscles.

What is the shelf life of this oil?

Mustard oil is good to use for about a year since it is cold pressed. All oils including mustard oil should be kept in a air tight glass/steel container.

Is this oil FSSAI approved?

Yes mustard oil is FSSAI approved.

Can we store Mustard oil For a year?

Cold-pressed mustard oil can easily last for more than a year because of the presence of significant natural vitamin E content in it that acts as natural strong antioxidants.

Is Mustard oil denser than water?

No, mustard oil is lighter than water and hence floats on water when both are added to one glass.

Is Mustard oil good for lips?

Yes, mustard oil is a super moisturizing and healing natural emollient for lips. The high vitamin E content (antioxidant) in mustard oil helps improve the darkened lips.

Which Mustard oil is best for skin?

Cold-pressed mustard oil, the one that we eat is best for skin application too. We should apply to our skin the same quality of oil that we eat. Although we often find adulteration not only in skincare products but also in food products so it is important to make the right choice while buying food essentials (oils) too.
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SNAANA - Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is also known in Ayurvedic medicine as a poultice for chest congestion and massage.

Although cold-pressed mustard oil is predominant in India for its use in cooking, this natural oil also poses other qualities that make a fine herbal solution for hair and skincare.

Mustard oil is popularly known as Sarson Ka Tel’ in India.


Rajesh Jha - 04/08/2020

Nice and great cold pressed oil. I shop regularly with snaana for their cold pressed oils.

Ritika - 07/07/2020

Very pure mustard oil.. You can tell if from the smell. I use if for cooking because its pure and therefore healthy

Neha Singh - 29/06/2020

Totally worth the price. I bought the 100 ml for trying but i would order 1L now.

Nilesh Thakur - 12/06/2020

I have bought muster oil from smell and taste prove it really pure. Good Product always recommend

Reply from SNAANA
Thank you very much for your review!

Neema - 25/05/2020

I use this oil to massage my joints and it has been very effective since i started using

Sonam Chandel - 21/05/2020

Satisfied with the oil, its pure and cold pressed. A healthier alternative of what they sell at stores. I would highly recommend this product by snaana

Suman Mitra - 06/05/2020

Nice product and delivery. The packaging was good so is the product

Akhil - 06/05/2020

This oil is very different from the ones i bought at local store this oil has way better quality.

Ayush Jakhmola - 22/04/2020

This is the best cold pressed mustard oil available in India i have now been using this product regularly for 2 years.

Rashmi Nethani - 14/04/2020

I prefer to buy coldpressed and essential oils from snaana because of it's products purity

Reply from SNAANA
Thank you for the review!

Sailash - 02/03/2020

Good taste and smell, a must-have for every kitchen which wants to cook healthy food.

Reshma - 04/02/2020

Love the food cooked in this mustard oil. It is also good for hair and skin

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