Mom-Dad Skin Care (30-60 Years )

Individuals in their 30s, 40s and 50s have many responsibilities. The stress of juggling with these responsibilities often leaves mom-dads with no time for themselves. Thus, this is where they neglect their many basic care needs.

Skin, being the largest organ of the human body and shielding other vital organs needs care differently at different age. As skin ages over time, thinking that you have plenty of time to redo the presently damaged skin in later life will really not work.

Skin in your early 30s is in its early downfall, meaning the ability of the skin to repair itself starts decreasing as a result appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, stressed skin, large open pores, skin discoloration makes you conscious of your appearance. Therefore, this is the time you must start feeding your skin with right skin care products formulated for your age and skin tone. Giving 2-3 minutes every morning and before bedtime with SNAANA skin care regimes –cleansing, toning, moisturisng and exfoliation automatically addresses all your skin concerns giving you a flawless, radiant skin.

Along with responsibilities and lifestyle through 30s to 50s, hormonal changes and stress also contribute to different kind of skin disorders making you angry and worried.

During 40s our skin is more prone to dryness and wrinkles because our oil gland slows down gradually, reducing elastin and collagen in our skin. Also, sun’s rays causes damage like skin burns and brown spots.

A basic plant-derived phytotherapy is preventive and curative and is what mom-dads need in their basic skin care routine. A chemical and preservative-free cleanser, toner, moisturizer, occasional exfoliation and mask will make your skin live better and healthier. A healthy skin care routine helps cut time-consuming sessions at beauty centre. Make-ups are loaded with chemicals and are not solutions to hide scars. Basic skin care products available in markets often have chemicals and preservatives that increase their shelf life and make them cost-effective. These products can heal many skin problems but the chemicals and preservatives in them can cause major and at times life threatening side effects.

SNAANA’s Mom-Dad Range Caters To Early 30s, 40s and 50s Age Group Individuals. Here’s How ?

The ingredients used in formulating each product in this category are chosen keeping in mind the purpose to nourish, heal and protect your skin. For example, mom-dad face cream for dry skin can be used by an individual who is 33 years old and also by one who is 55 years old. The only difference is that the 33 year old would need only a pea-size to cover the entire face while a 55 year old will need 1.5 times the pea size. That’s simply because at 33, skin is more active in producing collagen and elastin than at the age of 55. So, the same cream goes for both, only the quantity varies. We thus, advise more of seeds and plant-derived creams to a 55 year old and less to 33 year old.

After Shower Body Oil - JOJOBA-GERANIUM

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Age Delaying Face Oil for Dry Skin - Carrot, Hempseed

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Avocado- Vetiver Face Cream for Dry Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


BLACK CUMIN and ROSEMARY Age Delaying Face Oil for Oily Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Goat Milk Soap - Charcoal Soap with White Willow Bark for Oily Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Goat Milk Soap - Clay Salt with Lodh Bark

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Goat Milk Soap - With Malai for Dry Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Goat Milk Soap – Pomegranate Basil Soap for Normal Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


HERBS infused Hair & Body Massage Oil

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


KOKUM-FRANKINCENSE Face Cream for Normal Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


POMEGRANATE-TAMANU Age Delaying Face Oil for Normal Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Skin Polish Staple Bath - For Mom-Dad

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)


Watermelon-Clove Face Cream for Oily Skin

For Mom-Dad (30-60 Years)



SNAANA wants to drag your attention to the fact that we are still living in a legal framework that was adopted in British times and has not been amended at the pace synthetics/chemicals have come into use in skin care. Import, manufacture, distribution and sale of skin care/ beauty products are regulated by Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and this law till date has not given a definite and uniform definition for usage of words on labels like natural and organic which is big-time responsible for misleading the consumers.

That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

Let's stand united and bring this revolution TOGETHER.