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Featured Ingredients:

himalayan pink salt
lodh bark

Product Description

Best Natural Cleanser for those who have oily skin and want to get rid of the greasiness that is visible on the skin, making it appear dull. Removes excess oil from the pores and help control acne, pimple growth in pores making skin look even and flawless.


Avocado butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil infused with lodh and manjistha, shea butter, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, clove essential oil, basil essential oil, bentonite clay, Himalayan pink salt, goat milk and NaoH* (used during the saponification process to turn oil into soap). All Real soaps are made with saponified oils only.

Goat milk is rich in vitamins and contains lactic acid, one of the most commonly used alpha-hydroxy acids in skin care. Alpha-hydroxy acids penetrate the skin and have rejuvenating effects on skin cells, neutralizing free radicals, slowing the ageing process and improving the overall look and feel of the skin. People who cannot otherwise use soaps regularly find soaps made from goat milk very mild to use.

Lodh (Symplocos Racemosa) or Lodhra is a divine herb that treats wounds, reduces inflammation and rashes. Being astringent in nature, it can easily clear the face from blemishes and black and white heads. It can also dry up the acne quickly.

Manjistha is a perennial climber that helps heal bruises, allergies, persistent acnes, removing toxins from the body helping one gain glow and lustre of the skin.

Himalayan Pink Salt has a unique ability to attract and hold water which enhances hydration by strengthening the top layer of the skin that works as a barrier. It is rich in minerals and helps in absorbing excess oil from the skin and destroys bacteria that cause acne.


Cleanse your face and body twice daily i.e., morning and evening. Always use mist immediately after cleansing when pores are open. Mist is a herb/floral steam distilled water which is completely free from impurities, debris, bacteria or any other contaminants. When pores are open, they need to be filled with steam distilled water to restrain bacterial growth.


Avoid direct contact with the eyes as the soap does not contain any numbing or desensitizing agent to soothe the eyes. Always keep the soap in a well-drained soap tray to last longer. Never let your soap sit in a pool of water. Also, it’s safe to use during pregnancy.


What is Lodh Bark and what are its benefits?

Lodh bark is a medicinal herb also known as lodhra. When applied on skin, it alleviates swelling, itch and rashes.

How is Clay Salt Soap manufactured at snaana?

Clay salt soap is made at snaana handmade unit using cold pressed oils, butters, steam distilled essential oils, clay, Himalayan salt and lodh bark. A soap takes about 2 months to become ready for use. It is an ancient technique of soap making.

Can Clay Salt Soap used for babies?

No, we suggest using clay salt soap only for oily skin tones. Use baby soap for baby skin.

Is Clay Salt Soap good for acne reduction?

Yes, it is very helpful in reducing the acne on face or body.


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SNAANA wants to drag your attention to the fact that we are still living in a legal framework that was adopted in British times and has not been amended at the pace synthetics/chemicals have come into use in skin care. Import, manufacture, distribution and sale of skin care/ beauty products are regulated by Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and this law till date has not given a definite and uniform definition for usage of words on labels like natural and organic which is big-time responsible for misleading the consumers.

That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

Let's stand united and bring this revolution TOGETHER.