Camphor Steam distilled water for diffuser

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Best room diffuser to purify the room, calm the nerves, and aid wellness. – The pure camphor leaves derived camphor water when used in a diffuser purifies and generates antiviral activity in the air. Camphor is a strong fumigant. Hence, it repels the germs/insects and disinfects the room.

Camphor is used in religious rituals to purify the air for centuries.


The steam Distilled water of Camphor leaves only.

How to Use

Fill the diffuser pot with camphor water and turn it on. The diffused aroma of camphor leaves fumigates the air and makes it healthy. Do not mix water with camphor water.

Use it in the living room or bedroom like any other diffuser blend.

Inhalation of steam

Fill the steamer pot halfway with water and a half with camphor water/hydrosol. Turn it on and inhale the steam as usual.

Camphor water and rose water were used big time during the times of Black Death in the 14th century in Europe to contain the spread. This is simply because camphor has natural antiviral, insecticidal and antimicrobial properties.

SNAANA emphasizes sustainability and environment-friendly custom and thus makes camphor water with leaves (not the wood) through the technique of steam distillation to ensure pure, effective, sustainable, and zero adulterated products.

Precaution and care for the product

  • Do not diffuse it in the room of asthma or epilepsy patients.
  • Do not ingest the water. It easily gets absorbed in the body through inhalation.
  • Always airtight the bottle after use to retain the potency of the water and avoid prolonged oxidation. Refrigerate it after opening.
  • Use the pack within 2 months of opening the pack. It is a completely natural plant-derived product 100% free from synthetics and preservatives.
  • Handle the bottle with care as it is a glass bottle. Plastic is bad for product storage and for the environment.


Is it safe to consume Camphor water to treat flu-cold & cough?

We suggest using only under the guidance of medical/ayurvedic practitioner.

Can I turn the diffuser with camphor water on in new born baby’s room?

We suggest using it only for limited time say 2-3 hours basis - 1. The baby is showing up the signs of cold cough and flu. 2. Run it as a room purifier.

Can we keep the diffuser on for 24 hours?

As a precaution we suggest keeping the manual diffuser on with any oil/water only when you are awake.

Can this be used to clean the air, kill the corona virus in the air?

Camphor is a strong fumigant meaning it purifies/disinfects the air with its aromatic antiviral, antimicrobial properties. The camphor leaves have been in use for centuries to purify the air.


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