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Baby Powder

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  • ₹357.00₹420.00
  • Product Code: SNA1021
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Preservative Free Baby Powder, 100% Organic baby powder, Chemical Free Baby Powder, Powder for Babies and Toddler, 100% organic powder for baby, Gift for new born baby

Made with simple known ingredients, the natural fine milled powder work to absorb moisture and calm the irritated skin. 


Take some powder in your hand and gently pat the baby’s skin instead of sprinkling directly on the skin.

Use under the chin, arm and other fold to keep the area dry and soft.  Use baby powder on areas prone to moisture. Do not use baby powder all over the body. 

Use it to heal and soothe heat and moisture causing rashes like prickly heat.

Can be used to lightly dust the baby’s bottom to freshen the diaper area before changing it.

Clean any residual powder that accumulates in the skin folds of your baby with a soft cloth to avoid skin infections.

Ingredients description

Arrowroot powder and Tapioca flour has very fine texture and great absorbency property. 

The talc free formulation made with the trio Arrowroot, Tapioca and Kaolin clay helps absorb moisture. 

Kaolin clay is silky and helps provide needed smoothness.

Essential oil of lavender has anti-inflammatory property. 

We don’t use cornstarch in our formulation as cornstarch promotes the growth of yeast and molds. We carefully select each ingredient and test product in various environmental conditions before finally bring it to shelf.


It is best to avoid all kinds of baby powders irrespective of brands if your baby has any kind of respiratory illness like asthma etc.

Please read the label to avoid known allergies, if any.  We provide complete ingredients disclosure on product in common parlance for easy understanding of our customer. We recommend a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies.

Soon we are coming up with a detailed write up on Baby powder viewing the frequently asked questions by our customers on Why, when and how to use baby powder, its efficacy and safety and much more.

Rakhi Rawat 19/11/2019

i used it for my baby !


Verified Purchase

Himani 18/11/2019

best ayurvedic powder, chemical and talk free baby powder

Verified Purchase

Reply from SNAANA

Prabhat 01/10/2019

Perfect as shown in pictures and good quality too

Verified Purchase

Reply from SNAANA
Thanks for your positive review!

Rajlakshmi Behera 01/10/2019

Awesome product from Snaana. Once again Thanks a lot for this good product for the babies.

Harpi Toor 01/10/2019

Too much gentle and easy to use as well.m very glad for this. Products

Verified Purchase

Reply from SNAANA

Ronak Choudhary 15/08/2019

This baby powder is safe for baby soft skin. I have experienced, how safe is it for my little baby. I recommend this to you as well.

Verified Purchase

Abigel 27/06/2019

Nice ayurvedic powder with lavender fragrance always recommended

Verified Purchase

Monika Satya 27/06/2019

Good product, ayurvedic and preservative free

Verified Purchase

Gaurav Baliyan 27/06/2019

Nice product we are using it for 1 year old son

Verified Purchase

Sanyam Bhatiya 27/06/2019

My baby has skin allergy doctors asked me not to use talc base powder then my friend suggest me snaana organic baby powder which is good and safe

Verified Purchase

Sangeeta Batra 27/06/2019

Good quality product always recommended !

Verified Purchase

Swati Rawat 27/06/2019

Nice product, Prefect choice for new born baby


Verified Purchase

Ayushi 27/06/2019

They made it with arrowroot powder and tapioca flour which you can feel in powder too i trust snaana because i always give good suggestions and care their customers

Verified Purchase

Sumer 27/06/2019

love the ingredients and packing very nice ayurvedic baby powder

Verified Purchase

Kushagra Bhatnagar 20/06/2019

Perfect Ayurvedic baby powder choice i made


Verified Purchase

Madhu Panth 13/06/2019

Snaana baby powder is really unique. The ingredients they used, I have never found in any ayurvedic baby powders

Verified Purchase

Sameer Godiyal 12/06/2019

My friend recommended this powder for my 2month baby nice organic powder

Verified Purchase

Geeta Kulbhusan 07/06/2019

good baby powder using it for my 3 month daughter

Verified Purchase

Durga Prasad 24/05/2019

Bought it a month ago for my son powder is filled up with nice ingredient

Verified Purchase

Neha Khatri 23/05/2019

Product is good no doubt but a bit expensive i used it for 5 months on my new born baby then changed it otherwise product quality is really good and packing also

Verified Purchase

Rema Badhula 22/05/2019

Using for my new born baby from last 3 months I found it a quality product

Verified Purchase

Kushagra Bhatnagar 09/05/2019

Very nice product. Have been using for my 5-month-old baby, very nice fragrance!!! Absolutely loved it!

Verified Purchase

Nishant Taneja 08/05/2019

Using it for my 3 month son really good!

Verified Purchase

Roma Shukla 03/04/2019

Nice product organic , chemical and preservative free I love it :)

Verified Purchase

Smiriti sharma 12/02/2019

It is good product, it smooth-en the baby skin. and it have a nice fragrance

Verified Purchase

Rakhi Jaiswal 04/02/2019

Used for my baby from 1 month to 1 Year never found any problem. Always recommended for new born babies..

Verified Purchase

Rima Devrani 18/12/2018

Hi, I have used it for my new born baby from 3 months because of its ingredients which is 100% organic. I prefer not use any chemical product on my baby skin that was the main reason i choose Snaana.

Verified Purchase

Manoj Kumar 29/11/2018

good products hard to find baby powder in 100% herbal range but price a little bit expensive

Verified Purchase

Shub 13/11/2018

it is a good powder. it help in as an absorbance of moisture form the skin

Verified Purchase

Mhd. Faiz 29/09/2018

services are late. but the product are good in use.

Verified Purchase

Milind 19/07/2018

Perfect for the new born baby skin with a very nice fragrance.

Verified Purchase

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