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Allspice leaves as the name suggests has a stock of aroma of all spices. A God gifted blend in the form of a plant also cultivated in India. It is warm in nature.

At SNAANA we inhouse cultivate allspice and use its leaves and berries to steam distil the essential oil.

It benefits human body many ways

  • Treats varicose veins
  • Calms the body & mind – reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides a feeling of wellbeing, boosts immunity
  • Improves blood circulation

Since we steam distil essential oils inhouse so we do have each of herbs ark/hydrosol/steam distilled water also available. Hydrosols can also be consumed and applied for desired results.


Always dilute essential oils and use. Always use essential oils under guidance. For this you can always consult us through email. Send your concerns and queries on essential oil on


A drop of essential oil is extracted from more than 50 leaves & berries therefore these are very powerful and concentrated oil and hence should always be used under proper guidance. Doses of essential oils vary for prevention and cure and also depend on the age, body constitution and health of individual. For any further information that you may need, please contact us.


Always buy essential oil that can be used internally, topically and aromatically. Essential oils available in the market labelled ONLY FOR COSMETIC USE are synthetic, not natural therefore cannot be consumed. Hence only provide similar aroma and carry no therapeutic property.


What are the uses of Allspice Essential oil?

Allspice steam distilled essential oil is highly therapeutic. The plant berries or leaves are used in the kitchen in food preparations and treat minor disorders as home remedies.

What are the benefits of Allspice Essential oil?

Allspice, as the name suggests, is a spice that has a mix of spice aroma like clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. The allspice herb is effective in treating digestion disorders, anxiety, arthritis, bronchitis, muscle spasm, etc. It is a natural anesthetic that numbs the body and brain. It helps induce sleep.

What ingredients are used in Allspice Essential oil?

Allspice essential oil is made from allspice berries, leaves, and stems. It is made by the process of steam distillation.

Is Snaana’s Allspice Essential oil 100% pure?

SNAANA Allspice essential oil is steam distilled hence 100% pure.

Is Allspice Essential Oil edible?

Yes, allspice essential oil is edible. Make sure to check the label as these days essential oils sold in the market are synthetic versions of plant-derived essential oils. They are mimicked with the same fragrance and aroma. And often sold as “for cosmetic use only/ for external use only”. If the oil is steam-distilled and free from any adulteration, it should be edible too.

What is the shelf life of Snaana’s Allspice Essential Oil?

SNAANA all spice essential oil is good to use for more than 3 years. To enhance the storage – always keep it in a cool place away from sunlight. Make sure to airtight the bottle after use.

Can I use Allspice Essential Oil for the face?

Yes, the essential oil can lend a soothing aroma and make the oil effective in treating scars and spots. Dilute it in carrier oil and use it. Always do a patch test when using the product for the first time.

Are any preservatives added to Snaana’s Allspice Essential Oil?

No. SNAANA essential oils and other products are completely free from preservatives.

How is Snaana’s Allspice Essential Oil-manufactured?

SNAANA makes allspice essential oil from the allspice herb – leaves & stems. The leaves & stems are steam distilled through the traditional technique of distillation.


Kavya - 23/07/2020

Thought it would be more masculine smell, but smells alright.

Dharmendra - 14/07/2020

This oil is just what I wanted in allspice essential oil.

Akshay - 01/07/2020

aroma of this oil is amazing and this brand of essential oils has never let me down!
Thank you so much Snaana!

Guru Narayan - 09/06/2020

Love this essential oil ! It help to reduce stress . You can se this oil for meditation.

Karishma - 09/06/2020

The scent is not so strong but perfect for my lotion.

Ruhi - 03/06/2020

I was suffering from blood circulation problem . I felt body pain but after using allspice essential oil , my health is improving very fast...

Rohit Mehra - 25/05/2020

Excellent product. Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Kavya - 06/05/2020

I use essential oils for various healing properties, for skin care and for inhalation therapy & I am very satisfied with the quality of Snaana's allspice essential oil.

Kajal - 29/04/2020

I am loving using Allspice as the warm scent in my blends. It's especially nice with Orange and Cinnamon.
Highly recommended .

Guru Narayan - 14/04/2020

Love this essential oil ! It help to reduce stress . You can se this oil for meditation.

Arushi - 10/03/2020

Lovely, and somewhat manly smell!

Nimit Kumar - 03/06/2019

very helpful essential oil I use once or twice a week

Ajit Bhandari - 15/05/2019

use at evening to get rid of daily stress

sheetal tayagi - 07/05/2019

In start of summer immunity goes down in this season . Ifeel so tired & stressed. Only s All spice essential oil has given me solution to reduce my stress & tiredness. this oil is good immunity booster.

dinesh chand - 05/05/2019

I bought it for my father. He used it for a couple week & found relief very much.

Thank You Snaana!

Janvi Thakur - 18/04/2019

good essential oil help to get rid of tiredness

kurbaan khan - 10/04/2019

It is a complete stress buster essential oil. I feel so good after having this all spice essential oil from Snaana. A grade product

Mishti Sharma - 04/04/2019

be a working woman, it is very stress full to see both the office & house. someone suggested me the all spice essential oil. i go for it, & found amazing calm after using it.

Shivani Thapa - 28/03/2019

Completely worth product for me. i do job in private firm. my stress level increases continuously from morning to evening.I have used spices essential oil from Snaana and feel amazing relief. it's 5 star product for me

Rishabh Pant - 20/03/2019

My mom was suffering from pain in her leg over the couple of weeks and, I come to know about this all spice essential oil of Snaana from my colleague.I have started using it for my mom, It has given wonderful relief.

Thank you so much Snaana.

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SNAANA wants to drag your attention to the fact that we are still living in a legal framework that was adopted in British times and has not been amended at the pace synthetics/chemicals have come into use in skin care. Import, manufacture, distribution and sale of skin care/ beauty products are regulated by Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and this law till date has not given a definite and uniform definition for usage of words on labels like natural and organic which is big-time responsible for misleading the consumers.

That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

Let's stand united and bring this revolution TOGETHER.