About Snaana

The world of today comes with its own realities. Those which sometimes put a distance between who you are and who you seem to be; Be it a mark of the harsh environment on your skin, or your perspective. But these can only cover you, not take away your reality – that you’re Naturally Beautiful.

You just need to restore yourself by connecting with someone who knows that you like who you really are. Someone, who cares for you like a mother. That someone - is Mother Nature. The same Mother Nature who nourishes you like a child and makes you feel restored all over again every time you reconnect with her, be it the untouched breeze of the mountains or the pristine waters of a stream.

We live in a chemically throttled world; thousands of chemicals have entered our lives one way or another due to various industrial revolutions that have taken place. Many of them are commonly found in cosmetic products we use regularly to clean, heal, nourish and beautify our skin. Most of these chemicals are now widely linked to diseases/syndromes like cancer, organ failure, allergies, migraine and many more.

In choosing the products that we use on our skin, we can make an informed choice for our sake of wellness and good health and that of our family members. More than 70% of what we apply on our skin is absorbed by it.

That’s why we have crafted SNAANA, a unique range of 100% Natural care products which imbibe the pure, unadulterated goodness of nature to ensure that everything that is not you melts away, restoring the True You in your harmonious, natural state. Making an experience with SNAANA an experience that sets off a journey to Returning. A Return to the Natural, Beautiful You.