Acne Pimple Free Skin Care Trial Pack

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(1 Goat Milk Soap + 1 oily skin mist + 1 Essential Acne Blend + 1 Oily Skin Face Cream)


  1. Clean the face with soap. Dry face with a fresh clean towel.
  2. Mist The face
  3. Apply Essential oil drop on tip of acne/pimples.
  4. Take a pea size cream and add a drop of essential oil and apply all over the face.

Follow the 4 steps C-T-H-M i.e., Cleansing-Toning-Healing –Moisturising every morning and evening and get rid of acne/pimples.

Do not use any other brand product on the face when following the SNAANA skincare regime. We have formulated a time tested non- comedogenic skin regime for oily- acne-prone skin.

No matter what brands you used 

It only works if its right for you, therefore, we have developed a plan for you to ensure an acne-free skin. All that you need to do is choose your category of age and Oily skin tone and start with it a 4-step process called C-T-M i.e., Cleansing-Toning-Healing -Moisturising. 

Step 1: Cleansing with a soap that gets rid of the dirt and excess of oil from the skin. 

Choose our GOAT MILK soap as per age made of 100% natural ingredients with the saponification process. 

Step 2: Following the cleanse, use oily skin mist to tone your skin.

This also results in opening the pores so that you can stem them and avoid bacteria's growth. 

Step - 3 After toning it is important to apply essential oil.

Applying essential on active acne with earbud and mix a drop with cream for full-face application.

Step 4: After Healing, your pores are still open so you must block these pores by moisturizing.

To moisturize, use our Face creams/face oils as per age. This 100% natural cream is made with linoleic rich, non-comedogenic oils that unclog your skin and reduces your acne. 

Following this 4-step guide for a week will show you drastic results, and will leave your skin glowing and soft. 

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Some Habits to Cure Acne – add on for quick and better results

  1. Always wash your face at least 2 times daily to avoid any dirt stuck on your face.
  2. Change pillow covers before going to sleep as their might be some dust particles on the cover that should not come into contact with your skin.
  3. Tie your hair to avoid contact with acne affected skin as when that happens, the chances of acne multiplying get higher.
  4. Treat it as a bacterial infection and practice sound hygiene.


What is acne?

Acne is a bacterial infection that occurs in the skin pore during times when the skin produces an excess, more than required sebum. Sebum is the oil skin produces to keep it moisturized. Excess of sebum in skin pore leads to pore clog causing bacterial growth & inflammation in the pore and on the skin. Improper metabolism in the body leads to excess sebum. Acne’s are of different kinds like cystic & non-cystic depending from person to person.

What is the remedy for forehead acne?

Forehead acnes or tiny zits (white heads) usually occur due to excess oil accumulation in skin pores around the forehead. The best way to clear these acne’s are – 1. Use an oily skin soap bar.2. Use non- comedogenic moisturizer, something like jojoba oil or hemp seed oil. 3. Do not apply hair oil for the whole night; wash it within an hour of its application.

Is there any way to get rid of bad acne for teens?

Acne skin conditions can never be good. Acne’s are contagious and one acne on the face can produce multiple acne around the face. Acne is a bacterial infection in the skin pores and can be controlled and treated using the right skincare products and following the right hygiene steps. SNAANA is one brand that guides you with the right chemical free, steroid-free products and right hygiene steps which are really helpful in getting back the clear & vibrant, and healthy skin.

What is the best facial mask for acne scars?

Facial mask cum cleansers that help remove the excess oil and clean the skin pores are the best to use on oily acne-prone skin. Always prefer using powder cleanser as mask cum cleanser as these are fine powder of herbs that cleanses & calms acne oily skin without causing any side effect as these are free from chemicals & preservatives. Powder cleansers made with herbs like reetha, shikakai, mulethi, anantmool, sweet lime are good for acne-prone skin.

Can acne scars and redness be removed with natural remedies?

Yes, acne scars, redness, inflammation, and pain can be relieved using natural remedies. The herbal, plant-derived ingredients contain effective nutrients to act as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, relaxant, skin toner and much more. The natural herb derived treatments are slow but are result oriented. The result can often be felt moving in the desired direction in the very first month of application.


Rajitha - 18/10/2019

Superb and natural kit I like it very much

Reply from SNAANA
Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Swati - 13/09/2019

I received the kit yesterday... And like I opened it to apply. The smell of the products is too strong to bear upon by eyes and nasal cavity. Don't know whether effective or not but it's very hard to apply. Don't know what to do now

Maria Miller - 12/08/2019

helpfulll kit, m luving it totally

Vijaya Pujari - 07/08/2019

Hi, I run a beauty saloon so can you offer us some treatment type products for facials etc. I used your product on me n it came nice. i am trying your number also and also send you email,

Shivangi Gairola - 05/08/2019

hurray good kit and i recomed to all

Binni Dhingra - 25/07/2019

My daughter is using and her pimples are reduced now although she took a month to respond but finally its happening. The skin care consultant has been helpful in the journey. I would recommend it to people.

Sargam Joshi - 18/07/2019

Acne under my beard have responded well, I use soap to clean my beard and skin under beard and apply beard oil – just 2-3 drops and its working very good. Hopeful products

Taruna Kulkarni - 17/07/2019

My oily sensitive skin burns after application for 5-7 minutes but is working big time on my acne's , also I am happy and convinced talking to their skin consultant who guides really well, helpful. thanks guys

Paraminder Kaur - 11/07/2019

Skin tone has also improved and i can see little difference in my pigmentation. I would recommend it.

Seema Puniya - 05/07/2019

Essential oil of this kit is so effective. I applied it just on my pimple spot directly. I started noticing the results after some days. And using full kit helped me out to reduce my acne scars.

Abigel - 04/07/2019

Someone from Snaana called me up and ask for review which looks they really care about customers feed back.

Snaana's anti acne products are really effective. I am using it from last few months and continue using it. My skin is oily and I have had pimples problem so badly. I have used many products even some of very premium and costly brads but i have never get expected results. After start using Snaana's Anti acne products properly and followed the instruction that they have told me regarding hygiene etc. I found my face starts lighting and pimples are reduced by continuing these products for 3 months now I have no more pimples on face and have a glowing skin.

Thank you for such a amazing products!

Vineeta Chahal - 01/07/2019

No doubt it is a gud kit. I feel its more of a food to skin then a treatment.

Purvi - 30/06/2019

It has been a week, I started using this acne kit but my pimples are as same as before a week ago.

Ritika Mukherjee - 11/06/2019

Actually It just did not treat my pimples but also my skin started to glow use it for 10 day and see the result but you have to use it for longer period of time to have permanent results.

Swati Barthwal - 08/06/2019

I had bad number of acne on my skin i had to use this kit products for more than a month but now its completely cured i very happy with it thanks!

Dhara Kumari - 05/06/2019

My friend recommended me snaana acne skin care kit used it for 7 days my acne starts to remove from my skin good good product

Tina Talwar - 31/05/2019

Excellent product, please start shipping to Europe also.

Gajendra singh Rawat - 09/05/2019

sahi hai but expensive bhi hai per phir natural bhi hai, Mera pigmentation bhi sahi ho ra hai

Palak sharma - 21/04/2019

Good Hai, i responded to product slowly but worth the patience. Its been 2 months now.

Prerna Bajaj - 02/04/2019

luv it

Ranjith Pandith - 13/03/2019

truly natural, I am very insipred by their making of essential oils and cold pressed oils etc videos, also they are so natural that you can drink their mist.

Dharma Reddy - 07/03/2019

Nice product. thx Snaana

Alvina Tawang - 14/02/2019

Its working on my tiny and big acnes but i find it expensive, I am a student so can you give student discount also.

Niketa Ahuja - 03/02/2019

Liking the product - looks its working

Shivani Bahuguna - 19/01/2019

Well, where to start. I was suffering from acne and had tried several of treatments over the course of time, be it medicines, topical creams, aloe gel and what not. But unfortunately none of them worked. To be honest these days the market has products full of chemicals. Snaana has a different vision and with their so true and natural products, they are helping to solve many such skin problems.

Rubica - 19/01/2019


I have bought this product and i see good results after 3 days

Divyanshi - 14/01/2019

Ok now its time to review 10 Days Acne Free Skin Care Regime By Snaana

1. Delivered on time as expected
2. Packaging ok and found 4 different products in it
4. Application memo available in description as well
5. after using 2 days nothing especial, 5 days start see very minute results , 8 days see some results 10 nothing better than 8

Conclusion :
Can see 40% of skin get positive results and i am reordering now to test further will give review after 20 days..


Himani Chauhan - 13/01/2019

OK product but it start working after 8 days its show some results

Sarita Bhandari - 11/01/2019

Nice product nice results


Nandani - 01/01/2019

I am Nadani Vais and my age is 24,
My skin is oily that's why my skin get dirt easily and then acne and infection starts. Its very hard to find chemical free products online and its almost impossible to get it in affordable price.
My acne problem was not new I was facing it from last 4-5 Years. I just buy Snaana acne free skin pack to give it a try. I have followed all instructions carefully and start to see results from third day of use now I am very happy and i don't have any acne right now I am continuing using this for longer period of time to get rid of my acne completely.

Rekha Shekhawat - 20/12/2018

Used for 3 days and i am string seeing results will update soon ...

Beauty World - 15/12/2018

I have used this product for 30 days and I am completely satisfied with the results.

Rina Rawat - 13/12/2018

I have used for a week now I feel good results.

Rekha Shrivastav - 13/12/2018

Hi ,

I have used 10 Days Acne Free Skin Care Regime by snaana for 7 days and i found great change to my skin. Acne that was big problem for me and I have used many cosmetic creams and even paid thousands to different doctor's consultations but nothing worked as desired. I found this kit online and in 7 days and i saw good results now I am continuing using their products according to my oily skin and all going great with my face..

Thanks you very much for creating such a great product kit!!

Swati Bisht - 12/12/2018

I have used this product for 5 days i and see good positive results

Dr. Bhumika Aggerwal - 06/12/2018

good product worked fine Always recommended for who facing acne oily skin problems

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SNAANA wants to drag your attention to the fact that we are still living in a legal framework that was adopted in British times and has not been amended at the pace synthetics/chemicals have come into use in skin care. Import, manufacture, distribution and sale of skin care/ beauty products are regulated by Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and this law till date has not given a definite and uniform definition for usage of words on labels like natural and organic which is big-time responsible for misleading the consumers.

That is why what is packed in a bottle or jar in the name of natural, organic, ayurvedic is often not what it claims. Synthetic provide comfort and convenience to manufacturers in terms of making product cost effective and extending the shelf life but they harm our bodies. This is because we have never thought that these chemicals can make cause problems like migraine, cancer, hormonal disorders etc and much more in our bodies.

Let's stand united and bring this revolution TOGETHER.