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10 Days Acne Free Skin Care Regimen (1 Goat Milk Soap + 1 oily skin mist + 1 Essential Acne Blend + 1 Oily Skin Face Cream )

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  • ₹450.00₹750.00
  • Product Code: SNAP101
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Acne removal kit, ance regime, oily skin regimen


(1 Goat Milk Soap + 1 oily skin mist  + 1 Essential Acne Blend + 1  Oily Skin Face Cream)


  1. Clean the face with soap. Dry face with fresh clean towel.
  2. Mist The face
  3. Apply Essential oil drop on tip of acne/pimples.
  4. Take a pea size cream and add a drop of essential oil and apply all over the face.

Follow the 4 steps C-T-H-M i.e., Cleansing-Toning-Healing –Moisturising every morning and evening and get rid of acne/pimples.

Do not use any other brand product on face when following SNAANA skin care regime.We have formulated a time tested non- comedogenic skin regime for oily- acne prone skin.

No matter what brands you used 

It only works if its right for you therefore  we have  developed a plan for you to ensure an acne-free skin. All that you need to do is choose your category of age and Oily skin tone and start with it a 4-step process called C-T-M i.e., Cleansing-Toning-Healing -Moisturising. 

Step 1: Cleansing with a soap that gets rid of the dirt and excess of oil from the skin. 

Choose our GOAT MILK soap as per age made of 100% natural ingredients with the saponification process. 

Step 2: Following the cleanse, use oily skin mist to tone your skin.

This also results in opening the pores so that you can stem them and avoid bacteria's growth. 

Step - 3 After toning it is important to apply essential oil.

Applying essential on active acne with ear bud and mix a drop with cream for full face application.

Step 4: After Healing, your pores are still open so you must block these pores by moisturizing.

To moisturize, use our Face creams/face oils as per age. This 100% natural cream is made with linoleic rich, non-comedogenic oils that unclog your skin and reduces your acne. 

Following this 4-step guide for a week will show you drastic results, and will leave your skin glowing and soft. 

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Some Habits to Cure Acne – add on for quick and better results

  1. Always wash your face at least 2 times daily to avoid any dirt stuck on your face.
  2. Change pillow covers before going to sleep as their might be some dust particles on the cover that should not come into contact with your skin.
  3. Tie your hair to avoid contact with acne affected skin as when that happens, the chances of acne multiplying gets higher.
  4. Treat it as a bacterial infection and practice sound hygiene.
Ritika Mukherjee 11/06/2019

Actually It just did not treat my pimples but also my skin started to glow use it for 10 day and see the result but you have to use it for longer period of time to have permanent results.

Swati Barthwal 08/06/2019

I had bad number of acne on my skin i had to use this kit products for more than a month but now its completely cured i very happy with it thanks!

Dhara Kumari 05/06/2019

My friend recommended me snaana acne skin care kit used it for 7 days my acne starts to remove from my skin good good product

Vibha Khima 19/01/2019

I received it yesterday and used the 4 products as told by you...after using mist my skin starts burning and becomes red. i washed my face with cold water.. i can't use anymore -can i return ?

Shivani Bahuguna 19/01/2019

Well, where to start. I was suffering from acne and had tried several of treatments over the course of time, be it medicines, topical creams, aloe gel and what not. But unfortunately none of them worked. To be honest these days the market has products full of chemicals. Snaana has a different vision and with their so true and natural products, they are helping to solve many such skin problems.

Rubica 19/01/2019


I have bought this product and i see good results after 3 days

Divyanshi 14/01/2019

Ok now its time to review 10 Days Acne Free Skin Care Regime By Snaana

1. Delivered on time as expected
2. Packaging ok and found 4 different products in it
4. Application memo available in description as well
5. after using 2 days nothing especial, 5 days start see very minute results , 8 days see some results 10 nothing better than 8

Conclusion :
Can see 40% of skin get positive results and i am reordering now to test further will give review after 20 days..


Himani Chauhan 13/01/2019

OK product but it start working after 8 days its show some results

Sarita Bhandari 11/01/2019

Nice product nice results


Nandani 01/01/2019

I am Nadani Vais and my age is 24,
My skin is oily that's why my skin get dirt easily and then acne and infection starts. Its very hard to find chemical free products online and its almost impossible to get it in affordable price.
My acne problem was not new I was facing it from last 4-5 Years. I just buy Snaana acne free skin pack to give it a try. I have followed all instructions carefully and start to see results from third day of use now I am very happy and i don't have any acne right now I am continuing using this for longer period of time to get rid of my acne completely.

Rekha Shekhawat 20/12/2018

Used for 3 days and i am string seeing results will update soon ...

Beauty World 15/12/2018

I have used this product for 30 days and I am completely satisfied with the results.

Rina Rawat 13/12/2018

I have used for a week but i don't see any results yet.

Rekha Shrivastav 13/12/2018

Hi ,

I have used 10 Days Acne Free Skin Care Regime by snaana for 7 days and i found great change to my skin. Acne that was big problem for me and I have used many cosmetic creams and even paid thousands to different doctor's consultations but nothing worked as desired. I found this kit online and in 7 days and i saw good results now I am continuing using their products according to my oily skin and all going great with my face..

Thanks you very much for creating such a great product kit!!

Swati Bisht 12/12/2018

I have used this product for 5 days i and see good positive results

Dr. Bhumika Aggerwal 06/12/2018

good product worked fine Always recommended for who facing acne oily skin problems

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